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"You can become whatever it is your heart desires. Just imagine it, work toward it and listen to your soul's prodding."

Do you recognize any of the people on the list below?  Do you recognize yourself among them?  Each one of the people listed here encountered a major mental illnesses such as Schizophrenia and/or Manic-Depressive Disorder, now also called Bi-Polar Disorder.  The whole world is better off for their wonderful contributions in the world of music, art, poetry, writing and national and world leadership. 


Let's add your name to the list!


Abraham Lincoln

Virginia Woof

Lionel Aldridge

Eugene O’Neill


Gaetano Donizetti

Robert Ochumann

Leo Tolstoy

Vaslov Nijinsky

John Keats

Edgar Allen Poe

Vincent Van Gogh

Isaac Newton

Ernest Hemingway

Slyvia Plath


Winston Churchill

Vivien Leigh

Emperor Norton I

Jimmy Piersall

Patty Duke

Michael Faraday


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