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It took many years of doing independent research before knowing that may other factors were involved in why I went through postpartum psychosis after the birth of my two children.  It was worse the second time around - after the birth of my second child - my "editor" and "co-writer". 
My daughter and I did not bond until her sophomore year in college when she was at home during a long illness.  Between her sophomore year in college and now we began the long road back toward mutual reconciliation, and forgiveness for past neglects, haunts and misunderstandings of the heart and mind.  The road has not been an easy one, but we have managed to smooth out the pot holes and forge onward with hope, faith and much love. 
Society needs to begin building bridges now to lessen the gap between what is and what still is not known regarding these two maternal mood disorders.  The best way to build that bridge of mutual understanding, is through intense and on-going research into women's mood disorders. 
Raising societal awareness through on-going research will soon become a reality - "God willing and the creek don't rise".  I hope to officially announce my now two-year unofficial non-profit organization, called  The R.E.A.P. Foundation: "Research, Education, Awareness for PPD/Psychosis Prevention" Prevention" (Copyright 3/05) at PSI's 2006 Conference.  Hope to see you there!
My daughter could not be with "us" when I was going through breast cancer treatment from February to July of 2004, but did make it "home" Labor Day week.  C.C. stayed with us until the end of June this year.  We sure did accomplish a whole lot in that time-span, writing together for the "cause". 
I am especially grateful for building our own bridge of mutual respect and forgiveness.
When I began to lose my hair during chemo she donated her lovely, long, thick locks to "Locks For Love" as a jesture of mother-daughter solidarity.  It was her way of being there for and with me.  She never knew that when she first began to let her hair grow for "Locks For Love" that losing it would be as a result of her own mother's battle with breast cancer.  One never knows what the future has in store and that is a very good thing "sometimes" in hindsight!
You are my favorite kind of earth angel CC, and the only one that knows me both inside and out.  Sometimes, that can be a scary thing for us moms, but most of the time its similar to having a gentle shadow over our shoulder bringing guidance, and an extra measure of heavenly love.  Thanks sweet pea!
PSI'S World-wide Networking and One "Perfect" Mother-Daughter Writing Team
As a fully bonded mother-daughter team we worked together on an article about postpartum advocates bringing help to a mother in Guatemala, Central America. 
The story attests to how world-wide networking can and does help reconnect broken spirits and lives when found in the throngs of a postpartum crisis.  Check out: "Angels of Comfort" link.
Dr. Marta Rondon asked for the article, "ask and you shall receive"- and I cannot thank you enough Dr. Rondon for reaching out with such self-less fervor to offer your professional guidance to "Lucy".  You are an Angel of Comfort for sure!

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