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Letter Writing From The Child Within

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There is a broken, hurt, inner child within some adults that ultimately keeps them from being all that they can be.  The best thing that we can do for ourselves is to find and heal that inner child. 


Each and every one of us needs someone else to confide and talk to regarding our feelings - good or bad.  Much personal insight can be gained by sharing the buried feelings from childhood (some of which may not be revealed until putting pen to paper).  With on-going self-dialogue, whether verbally to someone else, a recorder, or on paper, you will eventually heal that inner child - once lost and broken.


If you work through your inner hauntings, you will find the person you are meant to be as:  mother, wife, daughter, aunt, neice, sister, neighbor or just friend.  Finding what you were always meant to be is always a "work in progress", and you have to be willing to work harder than you ever have in your whole life -God willing and the creek does not rise to meet you at your back door!  And if it does, get a row boat!


You may be hesitant at first, because you are afraid of failing, but forge on just the same. Just try it once, fear in tow and all, and you will put fear on the back burner where it belongs.  Remember, you are not alone and that the inner child is counting on you. 


During the reconditioning process, I found healing of the inner child by writing a letter to my parents about all my childhood disappointments and feelings.  It was a writing exercise given me by my then psychiatrist - "write a letter to your parents" he said.  It did not matter if I sent it or not.  So, I wrote the letter to air my pent up feelings of long ago - growing up in a dysfunctional home. Writing the letter was very cathartic and did clean out some of the emotional cobwebs that held me captive.


I never did mail the letter, but that did not matter!  It worked to free the anger, hate, disappointment and the child who once had no voice.


I highly recommend the above, suggested writing exercise.  It will help to ease your mind, body and soul, and will free you up for further personal progress.


You are in control to write to whomever:  parent, grandparent, guardian, foster-parent, brother, or sister - that you feel is responsible for some of your present inner negative feelings.


You also are the one to decide if you should deliver, burn, tear up or keep the letter - it is totally up to you. 


If another person beside a family member was the cause of your insecurities/fear - write a letter to them as well; whether that person is alive or dead.


I wish you peace, much luck, and better days ahead!



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