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BEYOND THE BLUES by Shoshana S. Bennett, PhD, and Pec Indman, Ed.D., MFT.
I received an email from Dr. Bennett a few months back and now that I have a few minutes in between projects, I realigned my book list to list this book first.  I have read it again just recently and it does bring up a lot that is not presently covered by caregivers.
At the web site, baby blues is described as not being an actual disorder where so many women experience it.  Yet, the medically recognized syndrome, The Baby Blues Syndrome does include Baby Blues, PPD and Psychosis.  I truly feel that listing postpartum psychosis with baby blues and depression decreases the seriousness of this disorder. Mothers do not have to be depressed or have had the baby blues first to experience "psychosis". Psychosis unfortunately stands on its own.
Is it any wonder that our medical society is confused and shys away from giving out information - they do not know what is accurate and what is not. Thankfully, PSI and other nationally recognized organizations, dedicated to perinatal mood disorders, are working on this problem.
Mothering Without A Map  - The Search for - The Good Mother Within, written by Kathryn Black and first published by Viking Penguin in 2004 relays how our maternal paths actually began as far back as when our DNA began.  She shares mothers' stories of triumph over maternal adversity. She also expresses a desire to bring moral support to troubled mothers who are trying desperately to forge their own path toward becoming "a good enough mother."  Reading this book helped me to reconnect to my mother's gentler side.
Down Came the Rain
Wow, I could not put this book down. Down Came the Rain by Brooke Shields, published by Hyperion, New York this year, 2005. Brooke creates an incredible read bringing cause and effect into the forefront of society. Thank you so much Brooke for delving into the past to bring awareness to the present. Thanks for sharing Brooke and congrats on number two - you are not alone, there is an army of supporters behind you now!
REACH FOR THE RAINBOW  by Lynne D. Finney, Perigee Books, published by The Putman Publishing Group, 1990-1992 was another book that helped greatly when undergoing intense psychotherapy. It provides steps toward finding advanced healing as a once time victim of abuse - physical, emotional, sexual and psychological. What I had not uncovered before reading it was discovered shortly thereafter. In the process of journaling, many feelings, dreams and flashbacks came flooding in - one at a time, and none too soon.
I did not know at first the full significance of this resource, I bought it because it has a rainbow on its cover!  It did however help immensely to bring about the "healing of memories" held captive within the sub-conscious. I gathered much understanding and inner direction to heal the once broken child within as a result of its step-by-step process. I hope it helps you too!
I still have to deal sometimes with the ramifications of having been a victim of past abuse and trauma, but overall the emotional, sexual, physical, and spiritual memories, once only known by my sub-conscious mind, are now known and understood by my "conscious self". I continue healing, growing and reaching for that rainbow - for PTSD now!
Mother-Daughter Wisdom, Creating a Legacy of Physical and Emotional Health by Christiane Northrup, M.D., published by Bantam Dell, February 2005.
Dr. Northrup highlights what all mothers and daughters should know about their health - both physical and emotional and how it relates to our being prepared for life, especially in the context of motherhood. It can be read from any chapter and can be utilized as a reference guide when questions arise or when wanting prevention information. I have not yet read all of it, but have completely scanned over it and find it a must have book!
Older Resources - Proven Reads
"We always need to know where "we" come from - before "we" know in what direction we have to go -to get to where we have to be."  (Vow Verse, 11/17/05 Darling -Copyright.)
The New Mother Syndrome,  Coping with postpartum stress and depression  by Carol Dix, was published by Doubleday in 1985.
The New Mother Syndrome explains cause and effect in clearly understood language, and does it brilliantly! Although out of print, I have seen this book listed as a resource recommendation for clients of therapists - found through an unexpected internet search. It is educational, encouraging and a great PPD/Psychosis historical read. Studies from the 1930's presented in this book connects the physiological and psychological sides of what can go wrong during the postpartum period. It may be out-dated, as far as contact information for organizations listed at the back, but it will never go out of date.
The New Mother Syndrome  is a lasting, "medical brief" to show what went wrong and why. Its historical genius cannot be overstated.  If all were to read it - perhaps society's misconception that mothers have to be "bad" - when psychosis blind-sides them regarding  "maternal-infanticide" -would be forever changed. To this day, I have not found another resource that highlights this fact.
THE CRADLE WILL FALL, by Carl S. Burak, M.D., J.D., and Michele G. Remington
An older book published by Donald I. Fine, New York and copyrighted by Burak and Remington in 1994. It is so eerily similar to my own postpartum psychosis experiences, but I have not yet finished it. I do not recommend reading it before bed.
Michelle Remington, patient, co-wrote this book with Carl Burak, therapist.  It was not written until many years after the tragic loss of her son Joshua. Michelle nearly lost her life as well. 
Michelle, if you happen to find Post Partum Angels - please consider listing Joshua's name on a "Remembrance" page at  Names of loved ones lost as a result of medical neglect for PPD and Psychosis are read at the annual PSI Conferences.  PSI is trying to update the list for the New Jersey Conference in June of 2006.  If anyone has or knows of someone to add to the "Remembrance List" please contact PSI - (Go to PSI Link on Home Page.) 
Today, 10/23/05, I emailed Katherine Stone, Mother, Postpartum Advocate and Creator of web blog.  She is presently compiling a national resource list to be made available for women and their families on her site.  I ask all PSI co-ordinators to gather up all the support groups, resources and medical program information, in your states, to pass on to K. Stone for inclusion in the list.  What has been found so far is available now on Post Partum Progress.   
Please, if you have time to volunteer to look up what is available in your area for support and treatment - we would greatly appreciate your doing so.  We need "our" Mothers Movement to help see this project come to fruition and perhaps once compiled, "someone" will see that it is typed up and published, AND you can be proud of being part of making it a reality!
For those who either do not have internet access or the ability to use the internet, there has to be another avenue to access support and give help to pregnant women and mothers - making available a "primer" guide in the near future seems doable and necessary.
"Doing nothing will only reap nothing in return." (Vow Verse, 7/9/05)