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POST PARTUM "ALERT"  11/20/05 


A few weeks ago, I found out that The National Pro-Life Federation uses "infanticide" in their mission statement without giving specifics regarding why they are using it, and what segment of society they are referring to when using this term.  I will be having a meeting with the Central PA chapter soon.  


Week end before last, I spoke to a local priest who completely understood the overall impact on the postpartum cause when the Pro-Life Federation is  lumping the term "infanticide" with euthanasia and abortion. While the literal meaning of  "infanticide" is  "the killing of children", this local priest could not believe that Pro-Life groups would include new mothers who succumb to the psychotic state of "Post Partum Psychosis", PPP.  Do we assume he's right or go another direction to safeguard postpartum progress made thus far?


In light of the Pro-Life Federation's Mission Statement including "infanticide", I will begin to use and spread the use of the term, "Maternal Infanticide" instead of just using "Infanticide" when speaking of the segment of society who are medically ignored first.  


It may be a prudent move by PSI and other organizations, that struggle so hard to have research, medical care and support for those who need it most - "our" mothers and their entire family - to use similar terminologies when referring to tragic events surrounding this issue. At least until I've met with and worked a compromise of some sort out with The National Pro-Life Federation.







THE ART WORK, while very colorful, has within it the word, "INFANTICIDE". 



(If any one finds other negative references to "infanticide" - please notify PSI.)


The proper term to use, especially within the mental health circle, is "Maternal Infanticide" and therefore, should be used in every aspect of the postpartum movement - differentiating between the two negative situations above and finding true postpartum prevention progress.  

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