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On the web site Mayo clinic states that depression in the general population is caused from biological imbalances. However, under "postpartum depression" the Mayo clinic on-line states that postpartum depression is caused from emotional factors that cause the biological imbalance. How can this be?


There are more biological imbalances going on for a pregnant woman and a new mother than those with depressions in the general population and yet Mayo fails to cover this on their web site utilized by many medical consumers.  It gives all of society a false impression about what constitutes PPD.


 The information on the Mayo Clinic web site also greatly conflicts with their book presently on the market that states PPD has biological imbalance components within it.


I wrote them of the web site error, but of course received no reply.


I spoke with Sonia Murdock, past President of Postpartum Support International, PSI, shortly after finding the Mayo Clinic oversight, and she said that she would have to check on this one!  Perhaps she is still waiting for an answer as well.








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